Salad Package


includes a main salad, a side salad, rolls, drinks and a dessert

**quantity represents number of people, minimum 10 people**

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Chicken Tarragon, Chicken Waldorf, Chicken Curry, Chicken Pecan, Chicken Dill, Chicken Bowtie, Chicken Guac, Chicken Cobb, Greek Chicken, Chicken Artichoke, Chef's, Tuna, Garden, Spinach Feta, Spinach Apple, Fruit, Egg, Vegetable Pasta, 3 Bean, 3 Bean Avocado, Carrot Kale, Quinoa Kale

Side Salad

Garden, Spinach Feta, Spinach Apple, Fruit, 3 Bean, Egg, Carrot Kale, Quinoa Kale


Water Bottles, Soda & Water Bottles, Soda & Snapple- $1.00, Water Bottles, Soda and Snapple- $1.00


Traditional Cookie Platter, Elegant Cookie Platter, Dessert Pastry Platter- $1.00